The Giver


 Jonas: An eleven year old boy who lives in this Utopian community with his family. Jonas is a rather thoughtful and considerate child, he cares for his friends and family and always willing to help. Jonas has certain powers that he does not yet understand, he can see glimpse of color while everyone else sees only black and white. Jonas goes to his ceremony of twelve and there he is granted the gift of being the next receiver of memory for the community. After Jonas begins his training, he learns all of these new things and his world becomes more than it has ever been before, he starts to understand and see color and feelings that he never knew before. Jonas becomes very aware of his surroundings and becomes passionate about his world that leads him to trouble.

The Giver: The Giver is someone who keeps all of the memories for the community, he has the memories of the past and present, and the Giver can see color and knows feelings such as love, fear and anger. He holds the burden of war and pain for everyone in the community. He helps the community make drastic decisions when he is called upon to do so and used his memories to help him with these decisions.

Jonas’ Father:  Jonas’ father is a good natured person who is a nurturer in the community, he takes care of the new children until they are able to be grown enough to go to a new home. He is an understanding person who wants to do the best for his family. He takes his job very seriously in the community because that’s what he enjoys doing it.  Although he gets attached to people very easily like this new child he is taking care of called Gabriel.

Jonas’ Mother: Jonas’ mother is a very logical person who likes to see everything in a logical perspective. She has a very important position in the community, she works at the department of justice, where she has to keep tabs on people who break rules and don’t do the right things. She tries to teach Jonas to be logical like she is while he is growing up.

Lily: Jonas’ little sister, she is a very optimistic person; she is still growing and uses words that don’t fit in places and often is told that to keep her from trouble. She loves to talk and often she does not know when to keep her mouth shut, she is a well informed child thought which could work out in her future.

Asher: Jonas’ best friend, although he is a troublesome child Jonas has found the best in him. He normally talks really fast mixing up his words and not knowing what he is saying, often having to make an apology for his mistakes.

Gabriel: The new child that is staying at Jonas’ dwelling at night because he is a restless sleeper, Jonas’ father takes care of him to help him to sleep through the night and grow so that he will not have to be released. He begins to sleep in Jonas’ room because Jonas puts him to sleep with happy memories, through this Gabriel and Jonas become very close.