The Giver

The Giver

By: Lois Lowry


What if you lived in a place where everything was the same?

Everyone looked the same, ate the same and lived the same.

 You knew no color or of pain and were just about emotionless.

Could you do it without wanting to change the total existence of a community?

Or would you continue to live this way because of knowing no different, because you have lived like this your entire life.

How about growing up and not having a birthday just having an age ceremony where everyone born in the same year was at and turned the same age.

 By your community having assigned a number at birth and not having a name till your ceremony of ones?

Having your job decided for you?

Total utopia could you do it?

If you could do these things then The Giver is a book you should read. Learning about the utopia of this community would have you intrigued.