The Giver

Motives for banning:

    There are many reasons for people wanting this book to be banned, to name a few most parents do not agree with the fact that their children are reading about a Utopian society where being “released” is the comparison to death but it is death by leather injection. Since the book was written in 1993 many parents and educators as well as libraries have oppositions to the books content, “Parent opposition to the book's treatment of suicide and euthanasia helped it reach No. 11 on the American Library Association's list of most challenged books of the 1990s.”

    This book is still being challenged today “Lowry's book has been challenged in schools in at least five states since 1999, sometimes more than once” was written in an article published in 2001 in the USA Today. Many of the supporters of this book say that the book talks about sexual feeling referred to as stirrings in the book as well as sexual feeling from and elder to a child experienced in the end of the book when the receiver tells Jonas about Rosemary. Many people disagree with the memories in this book when the giver passes on memories of war and murder things that are hurtful and new to Jonas.

    There is huge controversy over the “release” of people in this book, people who oppose this book look to this as suicide and don’t think it is appropriate to explain this to children of the middle school age. Although in the book it is never said upon how people are released they just say they are released with a ceremony and sent to Elsewhere, but mainly people “criticize the book's failure to clearly explain that suicide is not a solution to life's problems.” When the book never states suicide there is just the idea of it when Rosemary goes and asks for release.

    Although, not all of the parents in school agree with the banning of this book, a lot of the parents think that this book is a great lesson of what could be. “In 1999, the board in Union County, Fla., overturned the superintendent's decision to pull The Giver from middle schools after hearing from students and parents who supported the book.” The supporters of this book are outnumbered by the non supporters but it is good that people are willing to stand up to a higher power on the things they believe in.