The Giver


What is censorship? Censorship is the deletion or taking out parts of a book, picture, or movie. Censorship is used everywhere and most people don't realize it. When someone tells you not to curse they are censoring your ideas because they don't want to here them they way you want to say them.

How would you feel if one morning you woke up to having everything around you censored and having it labeled as censored? Having a bright red stamp saying censored over your writing, books, song lyrics, and movie covers, you would be angry and feel that someone is telling you how to live your life and telling you what to stay away from for some reason or another. I personally think that censorship is one hundred percent wrong! I don’t understand how people can go about their lives censoring others material.

Although I think that censorship is wrong it is a good thing in some cases, in children’s libraries where they have books sectioned off so that they cannot read about sexual content and murder and things that they don’t need to know about as a child. The determination of what children can read and look at is an exception but that’s the only one.

I think that the banning of books is pointless; people are always going to do what they are told not to do. When someone says something is banned we as people will do anything to get our hands on it, banning a book is no exception. “Books usually are challenged with the best intentions—to protect others, frequently children, from difficult ideas and information.” If they are banning books from children why would they not just ban or censor the book from a child not the whole population of people? Banning a book or censoring a book is just like telling people not to think or feel, doing this to a book is just like banning and censoring peoples thought and feelings because that is what a book is, it is peoples feeling and thoughts. I don’t think people need to go as far as banning and censoring books people just need to make not that they simply did not like the book or they would not recommend the book to another person it’s that simple.